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One of the noblest career paths faces a modern-day pandemic of its own. Doctors everywhere continue to drop out of the profession at an alarming rate as they crumble under the pressure of increasing workload, a life-risking pandemic, and the toll all this takes on their mental and physical health. Dr. Clayton Ramsue brings firsthand experience to the table in the form of his recent self-help book, “Living Your Best Doctor Life: Finding Passion and Purpose in Medicine Again.” A guide for the broken doctor and their light to finding their way back to the profession that handed them the passion and purpose to live. Join this journey as Dr. Ramsue breaks down and brings to light an increasingly ignored issue and its implications.

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Living Your Best Doctor Life

The book very articulately tackles a modern-day rising issue in a very calm and collected manner. It talks about one of our most vital components of society; Doctors and bringing their concerns to light while at the same time balancing the dynamics by making them realize how they can inherently solve at least some of the problems they face. The book will grasp you in its narrative as it narrates the story of depression and anxiety that plagues a significant portion of the medical community, its causes, and its possible solutions. This book offers doctors a guide to realizing their passion for their careers. It allows the general public to know and empathize with the exhaustive life of a doctor. Seldom will you come across a self-help book that grasps an issue in its entirety in a very unobjectionable way, even making many of its readers realize a problem that they might not know they have?

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Living Your Best Doctor Life book